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Cherry Tomatoes


Learn how to grow a vertical garden with the Plant3r Mini

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I love this ready-to grow hydroponic kit. It is so convenient with all of the necessaries inside a small and neat looking package: instruction, seeds, plugs, nutrition, pads, cable zip ties, with a growing sleeve, a reservoir and a pump are already connected. It took me 15 minutes to set the kit up. I grew some lettuce seeds which was included in the package and some of my favorite herbs which I bought from a local garden center. I love it! ❤️🌱☀️🍆🍅🌹

Bich Ngan Pham

Sometimes when I get up in the early morning, I love to just sit on the couch, sip coffee, and listen to the peaceful sounds of the hydroponics system in my living room. I want to get another one for my bedroom room as well.

Sara Ohara